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New K-12 School Philippines

​San Pablo, Laguna: We have acquired 2 acres of land to build a modern K-12 American Judeo-Christian Academy based on the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. We need $350,000 to build the first classrooms and additional funding for new auditorim.

New School Auditorium 

​San Pablo, Philippines: Along with the new school we need an additional $150,000 to build a new multi-functional auditorium that will be used for student assemblies, stage productions, events and extra-curricular activities.

Discipleship Institute Scholarships

​Our Messianic Discipleship Institute foreign students are in need of education scholarships. While we keep our tuition fees as low as possible, the costs are still too high for many of our students, most who have no loans or other aid available. Each $150 donation will provide a 3-credit course to a student.

Student Library

​Philippines: We are in need of a new student library at our two new locations in Makati and San Pablo, Philippines. Many students cannot afford course textbooks and can check them out of the library. We have over 140 courses. Each $1000 will supply 12 sets of course materials.

AJCC Ministry Outreach

AJCC has been receiving requests from other remote areas of the Philippines, Chile, Japan, China and Singapore as well as the USA. Each request requires time and travel expenses. Our capital expense fund allows us to meet these requests.

Used Clothing - Philippines

The Philippines get hit with an average of 20 typhoons a year and most live on less than $8 a day. We need children's, men's and women's light clothing, jeans, shorts, flip-flops, belts, ball-caps and sneakers.

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