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Philippines hit by 2 typhoons in 2 weeks

In typhoon-hit Philippines, gloom hangs over Christmas

The destruction caused by two typhoons means it will be a gloomy Christmas for many in the Philippines.

MANILA: It was an unexpected finale to the Philippine typhoon season. A little more than a month after the government weather bureau PAGASA announced that Typhoon In-fa could well be the last typhoon of the year, two typhoons barrelled into the country one after the other, with Christmas just days away.

Typhoon Melor hit the Central Visayas on Dec 14, making five landfalls and leaving widespread damage to the country’s main agricultural area, just barely recovering from last month's Typhoon Koppu. Almost immediately after Typhoon Melor left, Typhoon Onyok ploughed in, hitting the vulnerable areas of Southern Mindanao.

According to government figures, around 2.5 million people were affected by Typhoon Melor and Onyok. While the sun may be shining across most of the Philippines, the situation is far from sunny for those who will have to spend Christmas trying to piece their lives back together.

Both typhoons left destruction in their wake. Large areas of central Philippines were plunged into darkness and cut off from communications by strong winds and heavy rains that toppled transmission lines and electric poles. Landslides and flooding also rendered several areas impassable. The typhoons also displaced hundreds of thousands of people, their homes washed away by the strong rains.

The cost of damage to infrastructure and property has amounted to US$5.28 million. Meanwhile, government departments and NGOs disbursed a total of almost US$1.70 million worth of relief assistance to affected areas.

American Judeo-Christian Charities family members were hit directly in Northen Samar Province, the pictures below are from Elda Clarke's relatives who live on the island where she was born.

As part of our charitable outreach, we will be sending financial aid and clothing over ASAP - your donations and support will go a long way to help build new shelters and provide clean clothes to wear.

We and the people of the Philippines appreciate your loving kindness. Let's make a difference and show the love of Messiah!


Jeffrey Clarke

American Judeo-Christian Charities

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